The Best Brands of Best Selling Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Looks Very Realistic

Vinyl flooring is the latest trend in flooring and can be found everywhere.  From luxury homes to business centers, luxury vinyl is there in a variety of colors, finishes, and styles that look more realistic than ever thanks to new printing technologies.

Vinyl floors come with great benefits over hardwood and laminates such as:

  • Waterproof and water reistanace
  • Scuff, stain, and scratch resistant
  • Very durable wear layer for high traffic areas
  • Realistic looks from hardwood to natural stone
Luxury Vinyl Flooring LVT

Like The Vinyl Look?

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Durable and Water Resistant Alternative to Hardwood Flooring

Luxury Vinyl flooring is very durable and water resistant which make it a great product for areas where moisture is a concern such as restrooms, locker rooms, and basements.  Damaged pieces are easily replaced without the need to replace the entire floor.


Most Popular Styles

Distressed Texture
Distressed Texture Gray Finish
Smooth Texture
Smooth Texture - Natural Finish
Wire Brushed Texture
Wire Brushed Texture Dark Finish
Hand-Scraped Texture
Hand-Scraped Texture Natural Finish

Design Tip

Choose a product that matches your room or one that serves as a focal point.  Use finished textures like hand scraped or distressed to create floors that stand out or serve as a focal point.  Choose a more simple, smooth finish to create a great design that blends together well.