Hardwood Colors

Hardwood Flooring

A Hardwood Floor brings a timeless architectural element that is as luxurious as it is beautiful. Both common and exotic wood species are available in hundreds of textures, colors and finishes to create the perfect wood floor.  Get a great looking hardwood floor that that will last.

Clean and Safe

One of the biggest advantages of hardwood floors is that hardwood flooring is a more sanitary option compared to other floor types. More dust, germs and other debris get absorbed into the carpet fibers than wood flooring. Hardwood floors are a great option for allergy sufferers beacuse there is no place for debris to hide.  Get hardwood flooring for  a healthier, safer living environment.

Hardwood flooring is safe

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Wood Flooring Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Hardwood floors are sealed for stain resistance and easy cleaning that requires less maintenance than flooring options like carpet.

One of the great benefits of having a wood floor is that they can be repaired and refinished easily. Scrapes and scratches happen - but can be repaired without replacing the floor. Most damage like this can simply be sanded, smoothed and refinished and in some cases be filled with colored wood flooring filler. It is rarely necessary to replace a wood floor.

Beauty and Uniqueness

One of the biggest benefits of hardwood flooring is the beauty and  uniqueness. Hardwood is one of the oldest flooring materials that has been used in some of the oldest buildings around the world. The large variety of wood species, colors, imperfections, and finishes means that there is a wood floor to fit your space.


Hardwood Characteristics